Have you noticed your pet constantly licking, chewing, biting, scratching or shaking his head? Has your pet been experiencing hair loss or developing scabs or dandruff? Have you noticed a change in your pet’s skin, coat color, or texture? Is there a bad odor coming from your pet’s skin or ears?

If you have noticed any of the above conditions, don’t ignore the symptoms and think that the problem will go away on its own. Call us at Miller Animal Hospital so that our experienced veterinarian can examine your pet and determine the best course of action.

There are many common infectious, cancerous or allergic skin conditions that plague our pets. Skin diseases can sometimes be an indication of serious internal diseases, but a non-life threatening chronic skin disease can truly affect your pet’s quality of life more than anything else he may suffer.

The sooner your pet is examined and treated, the sooner he will return to a happy, healthy pet.