Goat Medicine

Miller Animal Hospital provides basic care for backyard goats including vaccinations, worming, and surgeries that are required to help keep them healthy. Maintaining and caring for goats is a pretty simple process.

Some routine care that your veterinarian can help you with includes having your goat’s hooves trimmed every four to six weeks. Hoof trimming is important for the prevention of lameness and infection. It is a simple procedure that your veterinarian can teach you.

Always be aware of any physical or behavioral changes that you may notice during your daily interaction with your goats. Some symptoms that indicate illness include loss of appetite, limping, listlessness, labored breathing, diarrhea, discharge from the eyes or nose, and abnormal body temperature. If you notice any of these symptoms, call Miller Animal Hospital for an appointment immediately.

Our doctor will vaccinate your goats for rabies, tetanus, and clostridium (CTD). The rabies vaccine can be difficult for goats, therefore allow at least one month before or after the rabies vaccine before giving your goat any other vaccination.

Another preventive measure that Miller Animal Hospital routinely provides for the care of your goats is the analysis of fecal samples for parasites.